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Blood is thicker than water
Water is thinner than wine
I’m sorry I have to keep asking
Are you mine, are you mine, are you mine?

It is hard to love you
With all this distance, dear
I am not a Staples
Get the tacky out of here

And you can call me Frida Kahlo
When you call me I’ll try and follow
Your words and wisdom
‘Stead of watching your lips
Be my meadowlark
You can call me, darling, after dark
Sing us songs and
Promise we’re not falling apart
Even Frida Kahlo could have used you as a meadowlark

This is all my doing
So delicious and so wrong
But I am just a siren and
This is my siren song

I do not like labels
In any way
But if you like the label, love
Then I guess it can stay


My head is muddled
I am a puddle
And I need some goddamn sleep
If I die of exhaustion
My heart’s for you to keep

(Chorus) x2


released December 13, 2015




Georgia Bowder-Newton Medford, Massachusetts

Georgia Bowder-Newton is a 18 year old singer-songwriter and pianist from Medford, MA. She played and sung for the trio Pokey Little Room from 2013-2015. She now performs as a solo artist.

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